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Quality Services Offered by Curro Piano Service

Curro Piano Service offers many different services regarding piano maintenance and improvement. Please contact us for pricing. We prefer cash or check but can also accept payments through CashApp or Strike. We also accept Bitcoin payments on-chain or lightning.

Piano Tuning

A high quality aural tuning is one of Kestrel's strongest skills. He will make sure your piano is at the overall pitch you desire (default pitch is A440Hz; others pitch centers by request). If your piano is not within 2-3 Hz of A440, it may require a major overall pitch adjustment to get it to the standard pitch of A440Hz and finely tuned.

Specialty Tuning

This service is directed at historical and/or otherwise unique pianos or temperaments. These include square grand pianos, Bluthner pianos with aliquots, harpsichords, or pneumatic player pianos. He offers historical temperaments such as Werkmeister III, meantone, and others upon request.

Service Call

This includes thirty minutes of minor repairs or adjustments. Tuning is NOT included in this service.

Action Regulation/Voicing

His grand or upright action regulation will make your piano play like new. He can bring back the dynamic range your piano was built for and will make legato phrasing as easy as the smile it brings to your face. Kestrel is skilled in hammer voicing and is happy to help you find your piano's voice.

Click here for a video walking through an action regulation.

Action Rebuilding

Is your piano action completely worn out and not functioning well or at all? It may be time to look into replacing some or all of the parts. This service will really make your piano play like new and can even add to its resale value.

Humidity Control

Does your piano live in an unstable environment with dramatic changes in humidity and temperature year round? It may be time to think about protecting your piano with the installation of a Dampp-Chaser Life Saver System. Whether you have an upright or grand piano, as a certified Dampp-Chaser Installer, Kestrel can assess which system would work best for your instrument and install it to help maintain your piano and keep it in tune for longer. Follow this link to find out more about the system.


Depending on your budget and overall need for the appraisal, he offers two options:

(1) a 45-point inspection and a conversation in person or over the phone about the piano. It takes about an hour for the inspection and he will need a few days to do market research and get back to you with an appropriate market value.

(2) a 45-point inspection with a cover page, written report, and pictures of the piano inside and out. It takes about an hour for the inspection and he will need a few days to do market research to find an appropriate market value and compile the final document.

Deep Cleaning

This service includes an hour and a half deep cleaning of your instrument. The dust will by removed from the action and the depths of the instrument. The hard-to-reach soundboard underneath the strings will be dusted. Any foreign matter will be removed from the instrument. The case will by cleaned and polished taking into account the type of finish and the age of the finish. Your piano will look fresh, ready for a party or performance and may actually sound better than it did when it was dusty and dirty.

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