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In 2018, I decided to take on a new adventure and push my craftsman abilities to the limit. I love pianos. I am familiar with many instruments and can play, at a basic level, quite a few of them, but pianos occupy a special place in my life. Because of this love for pianos, I enjoy working on them (I even chose it as my profession).

I have always been interested in crafting things. I started by making toys out of paper in grade school. Eventually I graduated to cardboard and duct tape; a far more sturdy combination of materials for larger projects. While attending college I was able to nurture my creative “building-stuff” urge by working on the pianos in the music school, but sometimes even that was not enough. I would come home during breaks and construct a new costume or build something. I came to discover that if I don’t create something tangible every now and then, something I can touch, hold, and look at, I’m frustrated and sad. Thus, Curro Baby Grand was born.

After some years of practice, I have some miniature Curro Baby Grand's to sell and more to come in the future. Each is unique and special in its own way. Please contact me if you have interest in purchasing one of my creations. They are purely aesthetic as they are much to small to actually play.

The piano below is Curro Baby Grand #012.

It measures 5in. wide by 7in. long by 6.5in. high with the lid open.

#012 will be the last piano to have the chunkier leg style. I have found a new method to making legs that are much sleeker and have sharper lines. This one's lid also has a new design out of thin plywood to prevent warping.

For sale at $500 plus shipping.


1:12 scale.

7" long by 5" wide.

Wood tones of basswood, poplar, and pine.

New, sleeker leg design.

Blue felt.


For sale at $500 plus shipping.


1:12 Scale.

5" by 7"

Some new color exploration with silver and blue. The new sleek leg style in black.

For sale at $500 plus shipping.

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