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What are people saying about Curro Piano Service?

"When I moved to my current home in a retirement center, I was fortunate to meet Kestrel Curro, the piano technician for the pianos here. I watched him tuning one of the pianos and decided it was time to get my own piano serviced. We had been here almost 6 months and my Yamaha baby grand was desperately in need of care, after the move.

He came immediately to my apartment and evaluated the condition of my piano. I said yes to his suggestions, and about 3 weeks later I had a freshly regulated, cleaned and tuned piano. It sounded almost new. Then came the Corona lockdown. Although I was playing it daily, I could not get a follow-up tuning for about 7 months.

Thankfully Kestrel is back to taking care of the retirement center pianos, my own piano and also one for my neighbor across the hall. I have full confidence in his skill and abilities and will continues to use his services. I also enjoy the helpful newsletters that come regularly. He provides good information about caring for pianos and also some interesting historical information about composers. It’s a pleasure to be one of Kestrel’s clients."

- Carol Salas

"Kestrel is very professional and knowledgeable - I knew my 1875 Steinway was in very good hands as he tuned and assessed what maintenance was necessary. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a piano tuner in the NJ area! Quick communication, good value for prices, and a wonderful person who cares for the instruments he services."

- Colton Martin, Director of Sacred Music and Principal Organist at Church of St. Dominic

"Kestrel, from Curro Piano, is punctual, reliable and insightful. I first came in contact with his services in a school setting where he would visit campus to tune our various pianos (grand, baby grand and upright.) I've since had him work on my 1910 Baldwin. He was happy to help me learn about the mechanics of the piano through light conversation as he replaced a broken hammer. Because of his friendliness and skill at his craft, I'm giving him 5 stars (with a side of gratitude.)"

- Joel Michalchuk, Choir Director at the Hun School of Princeton

"Kestrel has tuned my piano for the past 5 years or so, and has also tuned for many of my students. In addition to his excellent work as a technician, he is professional, punctual, and helpful. He's always willing to answer questions about my piano, or used pianos my students are considering purchasing. He is so knowledgeable, and I really value and trust his advice."

 - Angela Triandafillou Jones, Faculty and Admissions Director at the New School for Music Study

"Kestrel has been servicing our pianos here at Stonebridge at Montgomery for several years now! He is so professional and takes great care of our pianos. He makes thoughtful recommendations and is always very conscientious of scheduling in our to accommodate our performers. We truly value him and are lucky to work with him. I would highly recommend his services!"

- Brooke Swope, Director of Resident Services at Stonebridge at Montgomery

"Kestrel is a great tuner and piano technician. He is in the guild and is well versed in his craft.

Each tuning is different and kestrel has a Great Ear and performs a tuning that holds.

Kestrel has been tuning pianos for us for over 5 years!"

- Chris Diehl, Owner of Freehold Music Center and Pianos of Princeton

"Kestrel does great work. He's a great tuner and technician, professional and friendly. My piano always sounds top-notch after he works his magic. Your piano will be in good hands."

- Ryan Moffett

"Kestrel has my highest recommendation. I have been teaching piano for almost 30 years. I keep my Baldwin Grand tuned regularly and pampered as needed. I have had quite a few piano tuners over the years. Never have I used anyone more than two or three times for various reasons: lack of flexible availability, last minute cancellations, trying to sell me something I don't need, lack of professionalism, etc. Kestrel's musical and technical abilities are beyond question. You know how after a tuner is done they ask you to play to make sure you're good with the tuning job? Yeah, no need to do that with Kestrel. If he can't hear anything out of tune, there is nothing out of tune. No way would I be able to hear something he missed. He's a perfectionist in his craft. But honestly, what really sets him apart is his professionalism. He keeps me on schedule every six months and emails me a reminder. He lets me know when he's in my area and give me lots of availability to choose from. He sends appointment confirmations. He doesn't cancel on me. He dots his i's and crosses his t's. He makes it easy for me to take care of my piano. And this might sound weird, but he *cares* about my piano. It shows in how he does his work. Amazing integrity and professionalism. Now I never have to hunt for a better piano tuner."

- Jean Dimech



"Very professional and very polite. Awesome dude to work with. Will be using him for all my piano needs in the future."

-Brandyn Bush



"Great job, very professional and friendly."

-Robert Dubow

"I am so fortunate to have Kestrel take such great care of my piano; as it is very old, and I use it primarily for my voice studio. It was important to me to find someone who would respect the instrument from a personal and professional place and that's definitely Kestrel. He is conscientious with scheduling, punctual, and honest in his work. He doesn't ever upsell any unnecessary services, and only ever recommends services that I might want to consider for future maintenance, which I greatly appreciate."

-Audra Casebier, soprano, MM

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